GROWF is a black female owned business that started back in 2020. It all began with a trip to Denver, Colorado and then several months later the brainchild of Janay Brown became a reality. First going viral on Facebook for her infamous real fruit rolling papers, she knew she had something special. In close months to follow, her business GROWF, grew faster than she could imagine. Between Septmeber and January, GROWF additionally went viral on Twitter, Instgram, and TikTok too! This allowed sales to pick up, employees to be hire, and a storefront to be built in Suffolk, Virginia. By April 2021, Janay and her new GROWF family had planted their seed in the 757 for innovative and creative events, products, and more!

As the team is approaching their one year anniversary in the store, the expansion and new ideation for GROWF as a company overall is going to start to slowly influence and impact the cannabis industry in a ways you've never seen before. Be a part of the journey, be a part of the GROWF - support, spread the word, and purchase some amazing products made by yours truly.