Handcrafted organic papers made out of real fresh ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


Each paper is crafted and cut by hand in small batches to ensure you have the perfect roll-up sessions. Since you're in this section, that means you really love our papers, and we love you! Sorry for the wait on a bulk paper option, we were getting logistics together.




  • Papers: 1 1/4" (78 mm) x 30 --- King (110 mm) x 30

    Cones: 1 1/4" (78 mm) x 12 --- King (110 mm) x 12


    Products are perishable. The current recommended shelf life of our products is 45 - 60 days.

    Storage: airtight container or zip lock bag at room temperature

    Longer Shelf Life: fridge


    TIP: For papers that become stiff, simply heat up a cup of water until steam is present and hover paper over steam until it becomes flexible.