Smoke It. Soak It. Drink It.


Smoke our herbal blends by themselves or add it to your favorite cannabis strain or tobacco to the enhance flavors and feelings. Maybe even sprinkle a little bit in your warm bathtub with bubbles and just sit back and relax as you soak after a long day. Or even make it into a cup of tea and sip on it while you watch your Netflix show!


*NOTE: those who have outdoors allergies, such as pollen, may have an allergic reaction or break out in hives due to organic herbs



  • 4 or 16 oz reusable glass jars with screw-on lid.

    CLOUD 9 | HAPPINESS - mullein, damiana, green tea, rose petals

    PERIODT | MENSTRUAL PAIN - mullein, basil, catnip, skull cap

    MAX RELAX | RELAXATION - mullein, lavender, rose petals, st. john's wort