Specially blended dried herbs to help with various moods, from relaxtion to getting hot and steamy. Use these herbal blends for puffing, teas, bath soaks and more! Herbs are nature's variety of healing and feeling.


They come in useable and recycable glass jars.


  • This product is non-refundable if order has been completely fulfilled and shipped.

  • CLOUD 9 | Happiness - mullein, damiana, green tea, rose petals

    MAX RELAX | Relaxation - mullein, lavender, rose petals, st. john's wort

    PERIODT | Muscle Cramps - mullein, basil, catnip, skull cap

    CHILL CHILD | Helps Anxiety - coming soon!

    DREAMY | Insomnia - coming soon!

    WILD NIGHTS | Sexy Time - cumming soon!

    FOCUS POCS | Mental Focus - coming soon!

    DETOX FOX | Body Detoxing - coming soon!