All Herbs are priced per ounce! Prices range from $2.00 - $4.00 depending on the herb choosen.


BASIL - flavor, calming to the digestive and nervous system. reduces inflammation and stress

BLACK TEA - antioxidant. reduces cholesterol

CATNIP - eases stomach cramps. good for anxiety and insomnia

CHAMOMILE - eases anxiety. calms stomach. good to relieve insomnia and stress

CORNFLOWER - good for digestion, liver stimulant, relieves chest congestion

DAMIANA - aphrodisiac. increase libido.

GINGER ROOT - helps arthritis pain. increases circulation. strengthen the immune system. helps settle the stomach when nausea. aids indigestion.

GREEN TEA - energy, brain health, bad breath, protects organs, eliminates toxins.

HIBISCUS - UTIs, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, provides antioxidants, helps colds and coughs, helps with appetite and digestion

LAVENDER - calming, antidepressant, eases pain and irritation, helps with migraines and headaches. antispasmodic and helps with insomnia

LEMON BALM - calming, good for anxiety and depression, helps the stomach, muscle, and headaches

LEMON PEEL - high in vitamin c, grounding, helps with cold and flu, aids in digestion, eases anxiety

MARIGOLD PETALS - skin irritation, ease stomach ulcers, reduces pain during menstruation, aids yeast infections

MILK THISTLE SEEDS - detoxification, protects the liver, increases breast milk production, helps with melancholy disease

MUGWORT - lucid dreams, helps with digestion and appetite, helps rid the body of toxins

MULLEIN - helps eases cough and congestion, reduces mucus formation. good wound healer.

ORANGE PEEL - high in vitamin c, great to treat and relieve sinus pressure

PASSION FLOWER - eases back pain, insomnia, sedative, anti-spasmatic

ROSE PETALS - high vibrational flower, queen of flowers, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, good for sore eyes

ROSEMARY - eases migraines and headaches, helps soothe a sore throat, eases PMS symptoms, helps improve memory, and helps rebuilds the nervous system

RASPBERRY LEAF - antioxidant, rich in vitamin e and c. supports heart health and diseases of the mouth. helps strengthen muscles of the uterus and ease menstrual cramps. Helps heal ulcers and wounds.

SAGE - tightens skin, stops organisms from growing, clears mucus, helps support memory, eases hot flashes, and lowers cholesterol

SKULLCAP - helps with deep mental health, calms panic attacks, good for depression and tension

SPEARMINT - headaches, pain relief, gas relief, fever-reducing. helps digestion

ST. JOHN'S WORT - antidepressant, antiviral wound healer, great for flu and restores long term nervous exhaustion, helps with sleep quality

THYME - antiseptic, relieves muscle spasms, helps ease throat and chest infections. encourages hair growth

WILD YAM ROOTS - estrogen stabilizer and increaser, treats menopause symptoms, cramps, and PMS symptoms, aids fertility, helps with arthritis symptoms